Redshark Installer Update

Base Set in Stores… 10 Years Later – The weirdest thing happened today – I went to Target and there were Base Set booster packs and theme decks for sale! I thought I was seeing things at first, but they definitely had a couple of each (mainly just the Base Set Starter Decks, featuring a 1st edition Machamp card)! We went to another Target because I was so excited and they also had some of the product. Run to your Targets and grab them if you want, because there is an extremely limited supply (like 1-2 theme decks and packs)! The product was probably sitting in a Target warehouse for a long time, which is odd considering that when Pokemon was in its fad stage, it was hard to come across booster packs sometimes. The booster packs and theme decks must had been lost in a warehouse and were just recently found, which happened a few years ago when Wizards of the Coast stores found some Base Set product in the corner of one of their warehouses and distributed it among their stores to sell. Everything is still the original price ($9.99 for theme decks, $3.29 for booster packs).

Redshark Installation – Some people have reported that upon installing Redshark, no [Great Encounters] cards were included in the program. The problem has to do with the installation not overwriting the card data in previously installed Redshark versions, and an [updated installer] is now available that will hopefully fix the problem for the users experiencing this problem. If you still cannot get the new cards to show in the program, please post in this forum thread so we can help you with the problem.