great encounters Prerelease

Just got back from the prerelease, and it was awesome! We showed the Darkrai movie, and the kids loved it! The only bad part was having to take four buses home and walking part of the way due to the bus system misprinting their schedules and routes. :p It was still an awesome day, though!

I will be posting the rest of the scans tonight, excluding Cresselia Lv.X and Darkrai Lv.X, so if anyone got them today, please e-mail us a high-quality scan: [email protected]. I also have all three theme deck lists, the Darkrai sleeve, and a picture of the Darkrai poster to post.

We will also have news regarding how to get Darkrai in Diamond and Pearl, but since I have only received confirmation about it from one person, I can’t call it 100% true yet.

Going to dinner now! Adios, Ariados!