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It is SUCH a pain to edit scans on an old laptop with no good programs on it! Grrr! I need my baby back! Thank goodness all of the scans are out of the way now!

I get to play Brawl tonight because my Resident Adviser (R.A.) obtained it from a friend! If anything of interest occurs related to Pokemon, I will post about it! Today is such a great day… much better than all of the chaos that occurred during this past week.

Darkrai to be Obtainable Through Toys “R” Us – Darkrai will be obtainable through Toys “R” Us, as we were told last year after the Manaphy downloads occurred. According to PokeBeach member Jeremy, his Toys “R” Us store recently started displaying a sign with a picture of Darkrai that reads “Catch Darkrai!” April was listed on the sign as when the event would occur, and it said more details would follow soon.

Since the slogan on the sign is “Catch Darkrai” and not “Download Darkrai,” Toys R Us may simply be giving out information on how to unlock the in-game event for capturing it, the method most likely being through a Mystery Gift download at the store. In this way, Darkrai will probably not be available for direct download, unlike Manaphy. The programmed event for capturing Darkrai within Diamond and Pearl occurs after you receive the “Member’s Card” from the delivery man at the Mart (upon receiving the Mystery Gift). Once you have it, you can sleep at the hotel in Canalave City, where you will have a nightmare that takes you to New Moon Island. You will then have the opportunity to battle and capture Darkrai there. Again, this method of receiving Darkrai in the United States is only based on the slogan of the poster – it may be for direct download, and it may not be.

I will try to visit a Toys R Us tomorrow with my newfound appreciation for riding the bus, or call one, or ask people to check them out when they go to confirm or expand upon this information. We’ll keep you updated!

Complete Gallery of Great Encounters Scans! – Blizzard has kindly sent us the remaining scans we were missing for Great Encounters, allowing us to complete our gallery! You can check them out here: [Great Encounters set list and scans]. I also WISH I could publicly thank the person involved in scanning the other prerelease cards, but that would obviously get them into trouble, so I’ll just say “thank you” from me to you for all of your hard work and dedication, even when you yourself are going through a tough time. I am sure most website viewers appreciate it as well!

If the scan page does not show new links for you (as in, some of the card names are not links), refresh the page a couple of times, or clear your cache.

You can also view a scan of the Darkrai deck sleeve and the Great Encounter advertisement poster below. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Great Encounters Darkrai Deck SleeveGreat Encounters Advertisement Poster

Great Encounters Theme Deck Lists – I wrote out all of the lists during our prerelease today, and you can check out their contents below! Normally, I would make a page for them for our theme deck section, but since I am literally deleting the website in a few months for the new one, there is no point.

Endless Night (Darkrai)
1x Darkrai (#4) (Special Holo)
2x Cacturne
4x Cacnea
1x Beedrill
2x Kakuna
4x Weedle
1x Houndoom
4x Houndour
4x Slugma
2x Zangoose
2x Quick Ball
2x Energy Search
2x Potion
1x Leftovers
2x Roseanne’s Research
2x Amulet Coin
10x Grass Energy
8x Fire Energy
6x Darkness Energy

Infinite Space (Palkia)
1x Palkia (Special Holo)
1x Exploud
2x Loudred
4x Whismur
1x Slowking
4x Slowpoke
4x Buizel
2x Arbok
4x Ekans
2x Krabby
2x Dusk Ball
2x Energy Search
2x Potion
1x Moonlight Stadium
2x Felicity’s Drawing
2x Amulet Coin
16x Water Energy
8x Psychic Energy

Eternal Time (Dialga)
1x Dialga (Special Holo)
1x Porygon-Z
2x Porygon2
4x Porygon
2x Solrock
2x Lunatone
1x Primeape
4x Mankey
4x Makuhita
2x Togepi
2x Skarmory
2x Poke Ball
2x Energy Search
2x Switch
1x Amulet Coin
2x Professor Oak’s Visit
2x Leftovers
16x Fighting Energy
8x Metal Energy