Rise of Darkrai

BREAKING NEWS: This was JUST said 10 seconds ago on Cartoon Network, right after the three-episode marathon ended: “And be sure to catch the U.S. premier of ‘The Rise of Darkrai’ [on Cartoon Network], months before it plays in theaters!” POKEMON IS GOING TO BE IN THEATERS AGAIN!! Will we have movie downloads to get Darkrai, just like in Japan?

10th Movie Air Date – UC Irvine’s television is all in the Eastern time zone, so I literally just saw this information on Cartoon Network 10 seconds ago during the new Pokemon episode marathon…

The Rise of Darkrai will air on Cartoon Network on Sunday, February 24th, at 7:00 PM! The commercial that revealed this information showed several clips from the movie, including one with Darkrai’s voice, and it sounded much more dark, slow, and fuzzy when compared to the Japanese voice actor. It said “Do not come near,” which is exactly what it said in the Japanese version, so this is already a good indication the movie is being translated well. Tonio’s voice was also heard in the trailer, and it fit his personality well, in my opinion. Alice’s voice was too brief to judge.

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