Great Encounters Scans, Error

I have midterms to study for and a semi-serious eye infection that makes it hard to look at the computer screen, so updates may only involve Great Encounters during this next week.

First “Great Encounters” Scans – It is really handy to own a Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai when you are a webmaster. Dialga can forward time to the future, Palkia can tear open space and allow one to travel wherever they want, and Darkrai can scare the security guards guarding the gold.

Below we have our first real scans of Great Encounters, one week before the prereleases, and three weeks before the set is officially released! Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures, and hover over the right and left sides of each image, clicking “Next” or “Previous,” to scroll through the scans like a slide show. I am only posting around 15 scans each night of the week until Friday night, depending on how much discussion we get on our forums in regards to the cards. The more detailed discussion we get, the more cards I will post! The less we get, well…

Wailord still wins the set’s art contest. :D

[Images No Longer Available]

To discuss the above cards and Great Encounters, check out this forum thread.

Some people will be happy about something on Wednesday night… that’s when “it” will be posted.

Funny Mistake on – If you have not been here since the afternoon, be sure to read the previous news story regarding! If you have already seen it, this should give you a laugh.

It looks like whoever worked on the Darkrai website accidentally left some text in when communicating with another coworker. Anyone can easily miss the text when glancing at the website, but if you read everything closely…

Darkrai mistake on

… you will not miss it! Thanks go to Aqua Smeargle for pointing this out!