Darkrai.com Up and Running!

I woke up with an eye infection (which makes it hard to look at the computer screen), so I will probably not update again until Monday night or Tuesday. I can look at the screen for short periods of time with minor pain, but then the major pain comes back and lasts for hours at a time, so unless something major occurs in the Pokemon world, I will not be updating.

Darkrai.com UpdatedDarkrai.com officially opened yesterday, although nothing was shown other than a “come back tomorrow” message. Now, however, the site has updated with new content, and below, I have split up all of its information into three sections.

Video Games – On the main page, the website says “check back often to find out how you can get it [Darkrai],” meaning Darkrai should be available for download soon. The “video game” section briefly describes Darkrai’s attacks, Dark Void and Dark Pulse, as well as its ability, Bad Dreams (which zaps HP between turns when your opponent is asleep). The first screenshot below is of the main page, while the second is of the video game section of the website. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Darkrai.com ScreenshotsDarkrai.com Screenshots

Movie – Details on “The Rise of Darkrai” were also revealed. Alice and Baron Alberto will keep their original Japanese names for the dub (I suppose this means the pun for “Baron Alberto” and “Beroberto” will not be translatable). The Time-Space Tower and Alamos Town keep their names as well, though it was originally “Space-Time” tower. There is also a teaser trailer under the “anime” section that shows an abridged beginning of the movie where Dialga and Palkia fight (with a scene of Darkrai from the end of the movie edited in), in addition to a section showing around a dozen movie shots of Darkrai. The movie’s logo is also displayed on the pages. The first screenshot below is of the movie’s synopsis and the second is of the Darkrai movie shot section.

Darkrai.com ScreenshotsDarkrai.com Screenshots

TCG – Nothing new is revealed about “Great Encounters,” though the website promises to reveal new cards from the set every month. Of course, you don’t need to, since we will have early scans of the set next week! :D The screenshot below shows the TCG page.

Darkrai.com Screenshots