More Great encounters Scans, Pokemon trainer in SSBB Vids

More Great Encounters Scans! – I will continue to post Great Encounters scans and information until Friday night, so keep checking back here! Be sure to tell all of your friends where they can see an early peek of the newest set before the prereleases!

Click the thumbnails below for larger images. To discuss these cards and the actual set (as well as the news story below this regarding SSBB), check out this forum thread.

[Images No Longer Available]

Pokemon Trainer in Action! – More videos of Pokemon Trainer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl have been posted on YouTube, and you can view a couple of them below. The first one shows a two-minute match with Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur, depicting how well and differently they each fight. The second video confirms that you can choose which Pokemon to send out when selecting Pokemon Trainer as your character, and shows the different colors you can choose for each Pokemon (the announcer says their Japanese names so Englishy). The third video is another fight with Pokemon Trainer, but this time against Pikachu, and with different colored Pokemon in action!