Darkrai Coming Sooooon?

EDIT: Added new SSBB news story below. It’s not good news!

Darkrai Coming Sooooon?Pokemon.com has changed the Darkrai silhouette that has been floating around the website for exactly one month, in addition to updating the main video panel to feature a larger Darkrai silhouette with text that asks, “Who is this Pokemon?” Could the updated website mean Darkrai will officially be revealed soon, perhaps within the next week or so (hopefully not in one month, since they seem to be revealing things in one-month intervals)? The next TCG set (Great Encounters) features Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia and comes out in February, so the movie and the Darkrai downloads should begin around that time (if PUSA has decided to have these events around the same time, that is). Darkrai should thus be revealed before February at the very latest, and since it’s January right now, the time could come sooner than most people think. Click the screenshots below for larger images – the first picture shows the new floating silhouette, the second one shows the updated video panel.

Darkrai floatingDarkrai silhouette

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Delayed! – Rumors were floating around that SSBB would be delayed again due to retailers listing the sales date for March, and now we have confirmation from the official website that this is now true:

Due to delays in the completion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we’ve had to change the release date of the game to Sunday, March 9th.

I deeply apologize to the people who have looked forward to playing the game for so long and ask that you hold on just a little longer. Thank you for your patience.