Shaymin SSBB

Shaymin a Poke Ball Pokemon, Other News in SSBBBrawl Central and other reliable Brawl fan sites are reporting news from the Whobby World 2008 expo, where the most recent demo version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is available for play by Japanese players. As a result of so many people playing the game, new Pokemon news has surfaced, the most surprising of which is Shaymin’s confirmation as a Poke Ball item Pokemon. It is unknown what it does when released from its Poke Ball, but if it is like Mew and Celebi, it may leave behind a gift. Considering that if Brawl does come out in February in the United States, people will see Shaymin before Nintendo has officially acknowledged its existence.

In regards to the Pokemon Trainer character, it appears as if he will disappear when played on several moving stages, such as Delfino Plaza (he may just have not been implemented into certain stages for the demo yet and could appear in the background of all stages when the finalized game is released). On the character selection screen, he appears as simply “P. Trainer.” Many people also thought that there could be a female Pokemon Trainer in the game as well, but such rumors were apparently shot down. Sorry girls! :p

Other Poke Ball item Pokemon confirmed for the game are Onix, Castform, Garchomp, Metagross (using Earthquake), and Regigigas (using Crush Grip after starting slow). Porygon (or one of its evolutions) is rumored to be in the game as well, but has not been confirmed for sure. Latios and Latias were revealed as Poke Ball Pokemon a while ago, and it is now known that when one is released, it calls the other to the field (and then they zig-zag across the screen, causing great damage).

Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be released in Japan on January 24th, 2008 and should be released in North America on February 10th, 2008.