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EDIT: Added new news story about Masuda below DP5 story.

Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X from Japan's DP5First DP5 Info – Turns out that the “DP5 on Hold?” news story was completely correct, as we now know that Japan’s DP5 set will be released in March and that it will contain Pokemon from the 11th movie, “Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky” (which is probably why the set was delayed by three months in the first place). The name of the set will be DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious, and like [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing], two sets of booster packs will split the set up (hence the compound name). Regigigas will represent “Temple of Anger,” while Heatran will represent “Cry from the Mysterious.”

“Temple of Anger” will feature Regigigas, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Metagross (and its pre-evolutions), Jirachi, and Deoxys. “Cry from the Mysterious” will feature Heatran, Giratina, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, and Spritomb. The Pokemon previously listed will only be available in their respective booster packs in Japan, and not in the counterpart pack.

In total, there will be eight Lv.X’s in the set. So far, we know of two – Gliscor Lv.X and Mewtwo Lv.X (click the thumbnail at the top right of this news story for a larger picture of the two cards). Of course, a Mewtwo, Gliscor, and Gligar card should be in the set so that Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X can be played (well, Mewtwo was in DP4, but they can always release another one for DP5).

Remember, this is the last Diamond and Pearl set for Japan before they move on to a new set block, like when Japan moved from e-Card to ADV, ADV to EX, and EX to DP (ADV was the first EX sets, for those of you who do not know, and then they changed the card template when they transitioned to the EX block). America, however, will probably have one filler set to fill the three-month gap caused by DP5’s delay, giving us six Diamond and Pearl sets.

If you want to download the wallpaper for DP5, select your screen resolution below the wallpaper’s thumbnail, save the image to your computer, and set it as your desktop’s background.

DP5 Wallpaper featuring Regigigas and Heatran
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Masuda Follow-UpJunichi Masuda has finally commented about the January 12th “surprise,” and we know now for sure that the surprise was simply diamond dust and nothing else. Not that there was any doubt about that…

BTW, have you played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
on this January 12th? Did you find snow was falling bit different? Snowpoint City was just beautiful!

This means, on January 12th, ï½”he weather all over the world were same. (I’ve always want to do that!)