New Japanese Entry Pack, New Winter Challenge Tournies and Leafeon Promo

Quick update at two in the morning! I am half asleep, so if this update is not as clear as usual, you’ll know why. :)

New Japanese Entry Pack – A new Japanese entry pack (a type of “theme deck” or “trainer kit” sold to assist new players in learning the TCG) will be released on November 30th in Japan for around $18.00. It will feature the three Sinnoh final starters, as pictured below, in addition to other new Pokemon cards (also pictured). A brand new Supporter card – “Mama’s Concern” – will be included in the entry pack, functioning like Bill (you draw two cards). Unfortunately, most of the card images below are too small to translate, so we do know what these new cards do yet.

Entry PackEntry PackEntry PackEntry Pack
Entry PackEntry Pack

Japanese Winter Challenges – A new type of Japanese tournament, the “Winter Challenge,” will begin on November 25th in Japan and end on January 20th; it will be held at eight different locations throughout Japan during the time period. According to the official Japanese TCG website, it is going to be one large tournament featuring several smaller tournaments and events (almost like our old Super Trainer Showdowns?), where players will be able to battle against each other and “Gym Leaders,” while having the opportunity to participate in many different types of side events. Every player who attends will receive a pamphlet explaining what is going on at the specific tournament they are attending, which will include a new Leafeon promo (pictured below, and again, too small to translate). We will post more information on these new tournaments once it becomes available!

Winter Challenge Leafeon