Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! We had a couple of people dressed as Pikachu come to our door, so I gave them extra candy. :D

Sorry for not updating lately – college is starting to take its toll. I have yet again more midterms – a midterm on Friday and another on Monday, so I am locked into studying right now. My Friday midterm is for Humanities, and studying for it is such a pain, since there is just so much to go over. In terms of just regular homework, when I signed up for Oceanography, I didn’t realize I would be reliving the horrors of high school Algebra 2 in the process. It seems like we are learning about everything except the ocean, and instead, everything that has to do with math and conversions. I can’t do math for beans, so I have been spending a ton of time trying to understand it (and it ain’t turnin’ out too well). Anyways, my last midterm is on Monday (Oceanography), so after Monday, I can at least guarantee one update. :)

On Friday, I took a break and went to Knott’s Scary Farm (an amusement park that has one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the U.S.). It was supposed to be a fun and relaxing time, until I went on the Ghost Rider roller coaster. My DS with my Pokemon Pearl fell out of my pocket and flew off the ride. -_- The maintenance people went to check for it the next day, but did not find it, so I assume it was either pulverized by the high fall or someone made a very lucky discovery and decided not to turn it in (ironic, since when I got into the rollercoaster car, someone left their fancy-smansy bracelet on the floor and I turned it in). I had just finished training my team for the PokeBeach Wi-Fi League tournament the day before, too (which took almost 1.5 months to do, in addition to the couple hundred hours I had on the game anyways!). :/ I have been having a very fun past week or so – both busy and frustrating. :D Thank goodness the DP3 and DP4 news is out of the way – there is now some breathing time.

A preview for Monday: Entei is in SSBB as a Poke Ball item, I will have the Secret Wonders set list up, and both a card review and DS Pokemon review will be posted.