Secret wonders scans

EDIT #5 on early Sunday morning: PokeDaddy (and Kristen M.) has sent us a scan of Raikou, meaning we now have all the Secret Wonders scans! It is below in the usual place. Tonight, if I have time, I will post the set list and other news.

EDIT #4 on late, late Saturday night: Thanks to GL Mo, we now have all missing Secret Wonders scans except Raikou. You can view them in the group of thumbnails below that are above the thumbnails posted on Thursday.

EDIT #3 on late Saturday night: According to various e-mails from people who attended and judged pre-releases today, there is no Garchomp Lv.X in the set (or any secret rare, for that matter). The next set will either be stuffed full of Lv.X cards, or some could be made into POP promos. We’ll just have to see… I also added a Gardevoir Lv.X scan below, thanks to Mike C.

EDIT #2 on early Saturday night: Thanks to both Canis L. and Brandon S., we have five new scans. They are above the rest of the scans below. We are now only missing holos – Entei, Flygon, Gastrodon (East Sea), Ho-Oh, Mew, and Raikou. If you have them, please see the edit below this edit.

EDIT #1 on Saturday morning: The Weavile sleeves and Kirlia pre-release promo have been added to this update after Honckrow Lv.X. Remember, if you go to a pre-release today and get any of the 12 cards we are missing scans of, please scan them at 300 DPI (or just large if you don’t know how to set that) and send them to [email protected]. Thank you!

WARNING: If you do not wish to be spoiled about Secret Wonders, even though we have had translations and Japanese scans of the cards from both DP3 and DP4 for months, please do not read the following update.

ALL Secret Wonders Scans – As usual, we have early English scans of the newest set – Secret Wonders! To repeat what was said yesterday, the sleeves you receive at the pre-releases feature Weavile, and the pre-release promo is Kirlia. As predicted, this set has cards from both Japan’s DP3 and DP4 (primarily DP3, though), meaning several DP3 cards were substituted for DP4 cards.

Only two Level X cards are officially in the set – Gardevoir Lv.X (#131/132) and Honchkrow Lv.X (#132/132). A third Level X like Garchomp could possibly be a secret rare (#133/132), especially since it was expected to be in this set, but we’ll just have to wait and see… POP may make Garchomp into a POP promo instead. The name of the set isSecret Wonders after all, so there could be some secret rares!

If you go to a pre-release this weekend and get any cards we are missing (currently, we do not have 12 cards), be sure to send us scans (scan them at 300 DPI, or larger than the ones below if you don’t know how to set the DPI). You can e-mail your scans to [email protected], and if we use your scans, you will be credited here!

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images, and hover over the right or left of an image once it is opened, hitting “Previous” or “Next” to scroll through the scans like a slideshow.

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