DP4 Translations

EDIT: The translations have been updated by Bangiras to include DP4’s theme deck spoilers. A few minor errors have also been fixed, including one major error on Mewtwo. Your browser might store the old translations in its cache, so you may have to clear your cache to view the latest version.

I am working on the Secret Wonders scans now, and should have them up later tonight (I still, again, have classes and club meetings today until 8:30 [and one midterm, too], plus a sore throat and headache from the stupid fire ashes, so I am still busy / occupado). Check back here later tonight for the scans – I am slooowly editing them whenever I get a chance (I even took my laptop to breakfast and lunch!).

Complete DP4 Spoilers – Since Bangiras has completed the [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] spoilers and they have been double-checked for any errors (unlike yesterday, where they were just “previews” and possibly not accurate), you can now [view them here] in their complete and official form. Note that they are in .doc format, so you will need Microsoft Word to open them. The trainers and energy are pretty good this time around (Helix and Dome Fossils let you evolve into Omanyte or Kabuto, the Stadium cards heal and give free retreat, Premiere Ball lets you recover Lv.Xs from the discard pile or deck, etc…)! To discuss these spoilers, you can post in this forum thread, and to view complete scans of this set (courtesy of Toho), you can check out our [DP4 scans page].