DP 3 and 4 translations

EDIT #3: All of the spoilers that Bangiras has translated are now posted (which is over half the set). Please do not copy and paste them on to any other website or forum [citing the source does not overwrite this ;)].

All DP4 Scans, New Translations, More Coming – Thanks to Toho, we have [ALL of the Japanese DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing scans] (sorted by type and alphabetically). We also have a few new translations right now, with more new translations coming later today (courtesy of Bangiras). However, the translations are ONLY readable by PokeBeach.com forum members in order to keep the discussion of the material that we post to PokeBeach’s forums. You can check this news post’s forum thread for the current spoilers and for new spoilers as they become available. I will edit this news story to tell when we have any new translations in the forum thread. So far, Gardevoir Lv.X is AWESOME (it is slightly broken and cheap), and Wailord wins the art contest for this set (in my opinion).

Secret Wonders Scans Later or Tomorrow – I have also received a huge chunk of Secret Wonders scans, but obviously, I do not have much time today to edit them (I still have midterm studying / meetings / class today). The pre-release card for the set is Kirlia, and the sleeves feature Weavile. More info and scans will be here either later tonight or tomorrow, so be sure to check back! I do not have time to edit them tonight.