EDIT #2: Bangiras has translated all of the new card images revealed today, which you can view on our [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] page. The Leafeon Lv.X translation from earlier today had a minor (but major) error, but it has now been fixed (and for the better!). Please do not copy and paste these translations on to any other site – you can use the link above to reference the translations instead. Thank you.

This entire update took me over four hours to compile, and I have a 33%-of-my-grade essay due tomorrow. :) In other news, Wailord has 200 HP again and Rotom’s art is awesome!

HUGE DP4 Update – New [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] images and information has been released from the official Japanese TCG site, and we have all of the latest! To view images of Cresselia Lv.X, Glaceon Lv.X, Leafeon Lv.X, Rotom, Porygon-Z, Eevee, and all the Eeveelutions, scroll down to “Card Images” on our DP4 page, which can be found at the link above. To view DP4’s entire set list (for both booster packs), including all of the Pokemon’s HP, scroll down to “Set List” on the same page (thanks goes to ToysRUsKid for translating the set lists for me). There is also new set art, which can be found under “Set Art.” We should have translations of all of the new cards posted by later today or tomorrow, so be sure to check back! We will also have most of the card scans and translations of DP4 within the next few weeks!

New Card Review – The second card review of this week focuses on a nocturnal Pokemon highly popular among female Pokemon trainers. Team Stunky, consisting of Dendrobatida (the team leader), Teddiursa, Muffins, and Woody, give their review on [Delcatty from EX Power Keepers]. To discuss both Delcatty and Team Stunky’s card review, click here.

New POP 5 Holos – New POP Series 5 holos are now available at Target, including Ho-Oh, Lugia, Pelipper, and Zangoose. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans, courtesy of our master card scanner, Shakespeare. Ho-Oh and Lugia come paired together in four-pack blisters, featuring a red energy coin; one EX Holon Phantoms, one EX Dragon Frontiers, one EX Power Keepers, and one Diamond and Pearl booster pack; and the two promos themselves. Pelipper and Zangoose are paired together in the same way, but come with a green energy coin instead. Each four-pack package cost $15.00. Pelipper and Zangoose can also be found in different packaging containing the same items as mentioned above, but with a random theme deck included, and for $20.00 (which is a bargain if you are looking to buy a theme deck and four booster packs).

POP 5 Holo Ho-OhPOP 5 Holo Ho-OhPOP 5 Holo Ho-OhPOP 5 Holo Ho-Oh