Gardevoir ex d, Vote for Bidoof, Free Wii Remote Jackets

Gardevoir d ex Card Review – Team Lv.X, consisting of Red5bv06 (the team leader), Krucifier, and smacktack15, has reviewed [Gardevoir ex d] for their second card review. To discuss both Gardevoir and their card review, click here.

Vote for Bidoof!GameFAQs is holding a character contest, and Bidoof is currently one of the contenders! If you like Pokemon, vote for Bidoof to show your support! Simply go to GameFAQs, look to the right of the main page, select Bidoof, and then submit your vote. Spread the word to your friends, post on Pokemon message boards for people to vote, and get on AIM to tell people – tell everyone like the Bidoof below!

Wii Remote JacketsNintendo is offering free Wii remote jackets to everyone who previously purchased a Wii system, since they are now including the jackets in all new hardware shipped out. You simply need to input your Wii serial number, select the number of jackets you need, and wait for Nintendo to ship them to you for free! Isn’t Nintendo an excellent customer-oriented company? First they replace the Wii remote’s straps, which they did not have to do, and now they are sending out free remote jackets to everyone.