Pokemon Trainer’s Final Smash

I will post the first PokeBeach Strategist card article review after I buy my class books tonight (which are a ridiculous RIPOFF at UCI’s student store – I have to pay 120 bucks for some little 45-page-pathetic-excuse-for-a-book).

Pokemon Trainer’s Final Smash – In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a final smash is the ultimate attack a character can use. For a character to use its final smash, it simply needs to grab a Smash Ball, as shown in the first picture below with Ivysaur, and then its attack will be activated.

In the case of Pokemon Trainer, his final smash is “Triple Finish,” which uses Ivysaur, Charizard, and Squirtle’s SolarBeam, Fire Blast, and Hydro Pump to launch one combined attack. Characters in the immediate vicinity of the attack are warned to run when it is launched due to the massive damage it inflicts (the attack does look pretty powerful!). Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

Pokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final Smash