EDIT: Added a new news story on the new holo POP 5 Mew and Pikachu cards. See below.

Don’t forget about the Manaphy event at Toys R Us tomorrow (12:00 – 3:00 PM)! Receive your Manaphy and breed for your Phione!

Holo POP 5 Mew and Pikachu – Thanks to our master card scanner, Shakespeare, we now have scans of new holo POP cards – Pikachu and Mew from POP 5! Each are available at stores like Target, and come individually in a package with five booster packs (two Diamond and Pearl booster packs, one EX Holon Phantoms pack, one EX Crystal Guardians pack, and one EX Power Keepers pack). A coin is also included. Each package retails for $14.99, and you can click the thumbnails below for larger images of the holo POP promos that come in them (one promo per package, not both).

Mew Holo POP 5Mew Holo POP 5

Empoleon: Diamond and Pearl – Our first PokeBeach Strategist card review features [Empoleon from the Diamond and Pearl set]. The first of our three Strategist teams is Team Stunky, which consists of Dendrobatida (the team leader and main writer), Teddiursa, Muffins, and Woody. Team Stunky worked extremely hard to write an in-depth and extensive review on Empoleon, featuring analysis of many different components, combos, and strategies of the card, so be sure to check their review out! It goes over EVERYTHING.

By the end of the week, two more card reviews will be posted, featuring Kricketune and Flygon ex δ. Stay tuned!