Shinx, Kricketune

Correction to the Manaphy Toys R Us news story: The nature of Manaphy changes every time you soft-reset (we said before that it was set by the download, but it is not). Thus, if you reset enough times, you may end up with a Modest or Timid Manaphy (I received the former on my first try)! This also means you can receive a shiny Manaphy if you reset enough times.

Shinx DP15 promoDP15 Promo: Shinx – Thanks to Omahanime, we now have a scan of the fifteenth Diamond and Pearl black star promo – Shinx! It is available in the “Diamond and Pearl Trainer’s Challenge Set,” which, if it is anything like the previous Trainer’s Challenge Set, comes with three booster packs (Diamond and Pearl series packs) and one Trainer Kit (the Diamond and Pearl Trainer Kit with the Lucario and Manaphy holo reprint cards). The entire package costs around $20.00. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger scan of Shinx. It is an exact reprint of the [Diamond and Pearl Shinx], but with different card artwork.

Kricketune Card Review – Our second PokeBeach Strategist card team, Team Lv.X, has decided to review [Kricketune (Mysterious Treasures)] for their first card review. Team Lv.X consists of Red5bv06 (the team leader), Krucifier, and Smacktack15, who look at both the pros and cons of Kricketune, and whether it can stand as its own deck against other decks in the current format. To discuss Kricketune and Team Lv.X’s card review, click here.