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Manaphy TRU GiveawayManaphy and Electivire! – As most of us know, this Saturday, Toys R Us will be distributing Manaphy to Diamond and Pearl. Thanks to Spacechild, an employee at Toys R Us, we now have new and exclusive information on both the Manaphy giveaway and the hidden Electivire download in Pokemon Battle Revolution! We spill the beans on everything, so if you do not want to be spoiled or if you want your trip to Toys R Us on Saturday to be a complete surprise, do not read the following update.

First off, 16 people will be able to download Manaphy at a time, which means lines should go pretty fast (as we posted a few weeks ago, the download will work through Mystery Gift, and then you will have to go to the Mart, talk to the man at the counter, and he will give you Manaphy). Each Manaphy will have random stats and random natures, and only ONE Manaphy can be downloaded per Diamond or Pearl. Once Manaphy is in your game at the Mart, soft-resetting your game (turning it off and on) will change Manaphy’s stats, but not its nature (which is randomly determined by the download). Manaphy’s moveset and other information can be seen below:

Manaphy (Lv. 50)
Trainer ID: 09297

~Heart Swap
~Water Pulse
~Acid Armor

Has a Classic Ribbon, holding a Red Scarf, in a Cherish Ball.

Each Toys R Us has to enter the original trainer name manually ahead of time, so different Toys R Us may give different original trainer names. Most likely, the common original trainer name will be “TRU.”

Also, if you have three Wonder Cards from downloading Pikachu from Pokemon Battle Revolution, you will have to delete one to make room for Manaphy’s Wonder Card. If you do not know what this means, don’t worry – it most likely means you do not have three.

Manaphy will NOT be tradable through the Global Trade Station. The GTS itself is programmed to refuse depositing of Pokemon inside Cherish Balls. You can, however, trade Manaphy to a friend normally who is right next to you (DS to DS) or to a friend via friend code. Remember, though – you can only download one Manaphy per cartridge.

Electivire PBR DownloadElectivire’s turn! When Pokemon Battle Revolution came to the United States, the Japanese programmers changed a few things for us. The game was made widescreen compatible, darker-colored trainers were programmed into the game, and two Pokemon were hidden away in the game as a surprise for Americans to download in the future.

Pokemon Fan, an official magazine, will be given to people who attend the Manaphy event on Saturday (along with a Manaphy bookmark with 9th movie information on the back and a $5-off coupon for DS games purchased in the store). The magazine will contain information for downloading Electivire from Pokemon Battle Revolution to your DS.

Of course, we are spoiling that information too! To get Electivire from PBR to your Diamond or Pearl, follow the below instructions. You will need your DS handy with Pokemon Diamond / Pearl inserted. You are allowed to have more than one DS downloading Electivire at once, but you will only have three minutes to do so, so have all of your DS’s out and ready!

1. Load your Pokemon Battle Revolution account, and customize your Battle Pass’ “Self-Introduction.” To do this, go to “Menu -> Profile -> Profile -> Self-Introduction.”
2. Enter the code: BA16-X4SH-E2AT (enter the code with subtraction signs / dashes, which are located in the “characters” section with the math symbols).
3. Exit out of the customization, and go to the Shop. You will see the “Shocking Gift” as an item at the bottom of the list. Buy it (it’s free).
4. The Wii will now send out Electivire’s signal (after telling you to turn on your DS).
5. Basically, follow the same instructions as above with Manaphy (accept the Mystery Gift, go to the Mart, talk to the man in green, receive Electivire).
5. You will only have three minutes to download Electivire.

Electivire’s stats will be different for every download, and soft-resetting the game will change its stats. The nature, however, will remain the same for everyone, unlike Manaphy’s – Electivire has an Adamant nature.

Electivire (Level 50)
Trainer ID: 06257
From the Lovely Place and apparently met in a fateful encounter.

~Ice Punch
~Cross Chop

Holding a Magnet, inside a normal Poke Ball, always male.

The code for downloading Magmortar, which is also hidden in Pokemon Battle Revolution, will be revealed on in October.

Although not completely confirmed by our source, Darkrai is supposedly going to be given out at Toys R Us early next year, and Shaymin the year after. The plan for Arceus is currently unknown.

Pretty cool information!