Mystery Dungeon 2 Special, GTS Website Up!

Mystery Dungeon 2Watch Mystery Dungeon 2! – How would you feel if you randomly woke up one day and discovered you were a Piplup? TV Tokyo is now airing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time and Darkness Expedition television special on their website, which answers that very same question! The special is almost 30 minutes long, and to watch it, scroll down on the page linked to above and select “1Mbps” if you have a high-speed internet connection, or “500kbps” if you have a slower connection.

GTS Website Up! – The official Diamond and Pearl GTS website is now online and running! The website shows details of trades going on around the world (although they are probably not in real time), including which Pokemon are traded the most, what their individual attacks are, and all sorts of statistics concerning different countries and the most popular Pokemon traded in those countries. You can also bookmark your favorite Pokemon and countries for easier access to statistics on them.

The website, however, only seems useful for satisfying curiosity about trades going on around the world, since no actual interaction can take place between your DS and the website (it is only for viewing statistics on trades, and nothing else). Since you can see the attacks of Pokemon being traded, I guess the website could be used to extrapolate what types of strategies people are using for certain Pokemon, but other than that, it is just for fun it seems. Still quite an interesting website, though!