Shieldon, League Delayed

I move into my college dorm one week from today, and I’m still not done with the new website. Oh well. :( This week, we really should be getting POP 6 scans and news (possibly even tomorrow).

Shieldon DP08 Promo – The eighth Diamond and Pearl black star promo, Shieldon, is now available at Target in three-pack blisters. Each blister pack costs $10.99 and features two Mysterious Treasures booster pack, one EX series booster pack, a Shieldon coin, and the Shieldon promo. The packaging and the Shieldon promo can be seen below (click the thumbnails for larger pictures). Thanks go to Shakespeare, our master card scanner, for the promo scan!

Shieldon DP08 PromoShieldon DP08 Promo Packaging

Pokemon League Delayed – Pokemon League has been delayed by a week due to shipment problems. You can view the announcement from Pokemon Organized Play below.

Several of the materials for the Oreburgh City league season were not delivered to our warehouse in time to make the September 15th launch date. Unfortunately, this means that we’ve had to push back the launch date by one week.

The new start date for the Oreburgh City league season is September 22nd. To reduce the effects on the general league schedule, the additional week that was added to the Veilstone City season to compensate for the holiday season has been removed.

The new Sinnoh cycle season schedule is now:

Oreburgh City: 9/22/2007 (Next Saturday) to 10/27/2007

Eterna City: 11/3/2007 to 12/8/2007

Veilstone City: 12/15/2007 to 1/19/2008

Pastoria City: 1/26/2008 to 3/1/2008

Hearthome City: 3/8/2008 to 4/12/2008

Canalave City: 4/19/2008 to 5/24/2008

Snowpoint City: 5/31/2008 to 7/5/2008

Sunyshore City: 7/12/2008 to 8/16/2008

We apologize for the inconvenience that the delay may have caused. If you or your players have any questions or concerns, please email them to [email protected] and we will do our best to answer them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Pokemon Organized Play