Penny Arcade

No POP 6… yet!

Penny Arcade Pokemon ComicPenny Arcade, a website unrelated to Pokemon but popular for its comic strips, has created yet another Pokemon comic, this time featuring the TCG! You can view the comic strip by clicking here. One of the two main webmasters, Gabe, must really be turning into a Pokemon fan based on the comics and stories related to Pokemon that he has posted in the past few months. Today, his co-webmaster mentions on the front page how Gabe has talked about the “Holon Engine” he uses in his deck.

… Too bad no one told Gabe that the “Holon Engine” is dead because of the format rotation (looks like he wasted his fictional money on that deck). Their next comic strip should focus on how Pokemon Organized Play is constantly rotating legal sets every year so that we can all buy more cards. :D Japan can use the same sets for years in their tournaments, but nooo, not us. Leave the game for a year – half of your cards are illegal to use in tournaments. Leave the game for two years – almost none of your cards are usable. So… sorry, Gabe, but your deck is outdated now! (This paragraph was not whiny in any way. :p)

Nintendo’s Forums Closed – Nintendo has officially closed their NSider Forums indefinitely, following four years of serving Nintendo fans across the world. To view Nintendo’s announcement regarding the closure of their extremely popular forums, simply visit NSider.

It appears, however, that Nintendo might actually be replacing their forums with something else, as foreshadowed at the very end of their announcement: “We’ll see you soon elsewhere on the Web.” Could they be replacing their forums with something better in the future? The announcement also states, “Remember also that the unique features available with Nintendo DS and Wii give Nintendo the opportunity to communicate directly with fans, while also enabling fans and friends around the world to communicate with each other.” Perhaps this messages foreshadows something special for Nintendo discussions in the future, like a Wii channel for discussing Nintendo-related topics (a Wii message board)? Of course, this is not likely, but anything is possible, and only time will tell!