Looong update today. Sorry for the recent lack of updates – I broke my laptop cord, and since it is a “special” type of cord that you can’t buy in stores (so that you can pay Toshiba more money if it breaks), I had to order a new one. I have been using my mom’s computer, but since I have two other brothers who are in school right now and constantly need it for homework, it’s hard to use. College starts in exactly three weeks! :D

Redshark Mysterious Treasures PatchRedshark now has a Mysterious Treasures patch available for download! To download the patch, [click here], and to read the release notes, [click here]. You simply need to install the download and move any of your deck files from the old Redshark directory into the new one (as detailed in either the release notes or the main Redshark page).

Pokemon GTS WebsiteFuture GTS Trading Website – The official Pokemon Game website has announced an upcoming Pokemon Global Trade Station (GTS) website that will provide real-time statistics on Pokemon traded around the world via the GTS. Such statistics will include which Pokemon are traded the most, as well as the most common Pokemon traded for in individual countries. The website will not open until “later this year.”

The announcement also states that visitors can bookmark their favorite Pokemon and find out if they are “available,” including from which countries. This could possibly mean that players can somehow organize a trade through the website (what would be the point in finding out if a Pokemon is available, including where it is available from, but not be able to trade for it?); however, the article itself is vague in describing the main aspects of the future website, and no further details are currently available on any specifics. We will just have to wait and see if the website is more than just Pokemon statistics for satisfying one’s curiosity!

Too bad the website didn’t open a few months ago. Perhaps if Nintendo saw the sheer amount of trades involving Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, shiny Pokemon, maxed IV’d Pokemon, Starmie with Pressure, Gengar with Wonder Guard, hacked Pokemon in general, etc., they would have done something about all the cheating. I am sure they know about all of the cheating going on, but you would think that by now, they would have the ability to at least block trades involving obviously hacked Pokemon…

Diamond and Pearl Tins Empoleon Infernape Torterra“Updated” Diamond and Pearl Tins – Remember those three tins we posted back in July, featuring the regular Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon cards from the Diamond and Pearl set? Apparently, the cards featured in those tins have now changed, and definitely for the better!

The tins now feature Torterra Lv.X, Infernape Lv.X, and Empoleon Lv.X, each from the Diamond and Pearl set, but with different (and much cooler) artwork! Each of the cards are labeled as Diamond and Pearl (DP) black star promos, numbered DP09 through DP11. The tins will officially be released in about a week for $16.00 each, and will contain four Diamond and Pearl series booster packs, in addition to one of the Lv.X promos. Some stores already have the tins, so check your local store to see if they have any!

Thanks to bretthll, Shukuen Shinobi, and Uzumaki Naruto, we also have pictures of the cards and of the tins. To view the tins, click the thumbnail above and to the right. To view the new Lv.X cards (which, again, are just reprints of the D/P set’s, but with different art), click the thumbnails below.

Torterra Lv.X PromoInfernape Lv.X PromoEmpoleon Lv.X Promo

Pokemon Stadium 2 SSBB Stage – The Super Smash Bros. Brawl website has a new update regarding a new Pokemon stage in the game. The stage will, at first, appear like a normal Pokemon Stadium, but as time passes, it will transform into four types of fields – “Electric,” “Ground,” “Flying,” and “Ice,” while different Pokemon appear in the background of each type of field (such as Dugtrio appearing on the Rock stage in the ground). The Rock stage will cause a mountain to spring up in the middle of the field, the Flying stage will increase the jumping power of every character, and the Ice stage is going to be extremely slippery, causing characters to slide all over the place. Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures of each stage.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Pokemon StageSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Pokemon StageSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Pokemon StageSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Pokemon Stage

The website includes pictures and descriptions of each of the types of fields, spare one – the electric stage. Wonder why…