Site Status

Time for a site status update, since there seems to be no Pokemon news at the moment! Luckily for me, my first year of college does not start until September 20-something, so I still have some time to finish the projects I have been working on since before summer started. :D

Chat Room Quiz – Today at 4:00 PM, PSD (California time), we will be conducting a Pokemon quiz in the PokeBeach chat room. If you want to compete with many other PokeBeach members to test your knowledge in the three main Pokemon fields (TCG, Anime, Games), feel free to join in!

Forums – If you have Diamond and Pearl, you should definitely check out our highly active PokeBeach Wi-Fi League. In the League, you can post a “My Player” forum thread containing Pokemon you want to trade and Pokemon you are looking for (instructions). Usually, someone will request to trade with you within a day at the most! You can also setup battles with other people. If you are more of a TCG player / collector, you can check our our Deck Garage forum (for posting decks to be fixed by other members) and Trading Corner (for trading cards). To do anything on our forums, you will have to register first, though!

“Stupid, Time-Consuming Layout” Update – You don’t have to read this – it’s just an informal “what I have been doing and why the new site layout is not up” update for anyone interested. Remember how I said I was making a new layout almost six or seven months ago, posted a preview of it, and then constantly stated I was working on it? Well, I still am, and that’s all I have been doing this entire summer (I have no life anymore).

When I say “layout,” I do not exactly mean the layout-layout – I am also referring to the new website content and features, which are actually the aspects of the new site that are keeping the layout from being put-up (if that makes any sense).

The new Modified Card-Dex, which I have only been working on with Meowth346 for what seems like the past year (almost literally), is still not done because it is jam-packed with so many new filtering and searching features (the reason I have not updated the old Card-Dex in months is because I have been working on this). It is essentially the “core” of the new site, since the set scan pages draw from it, the tournament-legal card listings draw from it, and the new “search for a card” feature draws from it. Without “it,” the “core” of the site will not exist, and that’s no way to open the new site! You can’t open a new project with less features than it previously had. When it is done, though, I think every player will find some good use for it – I myself have been using it constantly, even though it’s still not complete. We also have another secret project in the works, which is now one month old, but I doubt it will be ready until 2030 or so. :p

During this summer vacation, I have also been experimenting with a content management system (a way to easily post news and content pages through a program that manages everything, rather than making every page individually using pure, cold HTML and coding). With it, posting pages and news will be much easier, and when it comes time to college, “easier” is what I will need. This is also holding me back from getting everything together and up – there is just so much that needs to be done to have it completely ready for me by the end of the summer.

Unfortunately, I start my first year of college in only a few weeks, so I am scrambling to finish everything – the Modified Card-Dex, content pages, working on the new CMS, etc. At this point, I know that everything I wanted to be available by the end of the summer will not be posted in time, so it seems that I will have to add new pages during the school year instead. I honestly, honestly wish I could clone myself to finish everything faster, but I am only one (crazy) person.

Anyways, I plan to have the “core” of the new site up and running by whenever the week before I start college is, even though not everything I planned to have ready will be. Yes, I do not know when I start college – I don’t even know what today’s date is – all I know is that I have to finish this layout before summer ends!