Buneary, Drifloon

You know that Pokemon cheating has become more-than-prevalent when you see two seven year olds at Target with Action Replays and Pokemon Diamonds (especially when they shove their shiny Ho-Oh and Lugia in your face). -_- On a different note, we should be getting POP 6 news / scans within the next week.

DP 06 Promo – Buneary – Thanks to Arri, we have a scan of the eighth Diamond and Pearl Nintendo promo, Buneary, which you can view below (click for a larger picture). Buneary comes in the new Mysterious Treasures value packs, which are now available at Target for $4.99. Each value pack contains one Mysterious Treasures booster pack, one POP 3 booster pack, and the Buneary promo. Target should also have Cranidos promos in the value packs, but we do not have a scan of one yet.

DP 06 Promo, Buneary

Drifloon in SSBBMore SSBB News – Earlier today, the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website updated with the Pokemon Stadium stage’s music, which combines the common gym theme from the RPG games and the Pokemon evolution song. You can listen to the song in the second news story on the website.

I also did not notice this yesterday, but Diamond and Pearl Pokemon are now confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you look at the “Flying” stage picture, right below Meta Knight’s sword, you can see a flying Drifloon. Click the picture to the right to see Drifloon – I have circled it in red.