Redshark, Site Status

Good luck to everyone going to Nationals and everyone playing at Nationals! Have a safe flight, and watch out for those Empoleon / Marowak decks when you get there!

Redshark 1.7 Released – And for all of us staying at home while everyone else is at Nationals, the next official (and not beta) release version of Redshark, featuring Diamond and Pearl, is now available for download on our Redshark page for you to practice the Pokemon TCG (so that you can eventually get to Nationals from practicing!). The Redshark page itself has also been updated with help files, FAQ, and installation instructions, including screenshots to assist you. If you download the program, please try to provide feedback in this forum thread. Thank you!

Site Status – If you have been living under a Geodude for the past few days, we have both [Shining Darkness (DP3) scans] and [Shining Darkness (DP3) spoilers] available. If you have been gone for a week or longer, we also have a [Diamond and Pearl walkthrough] to both help you with the games and teach you things you probably did not know before. As for the new site layout and site content, we are slowly getting there.