Shining Darkness Scans, Translations

EDIT on Wednesday morning: I have added 9 new card scans to our [Shining Darkness scans page] (bringing the total to 111), including the Charizard line, Darkrai Lv.X, Suicune, and other cards. I have been completely sick for the past few days (and I never, ever, ever, everrr get sick), and I woke up extremely late today, so I did not have a chance to prepare the large Redshark update. Since today is the 4th of July and I will not be on the computer until late tonight, I might not be able to post the new Redshark version until tomorrow, so sorry. :p

There will be a Redshark update tomorrow, and maybe my PBR review. Tomorrow is the 4th of July – don’t be stupid and get too close to any fireworks. You may end up like one little boy who, 10ish years ago, burned his foot when playing with Morning Glories.

102 Shining Darkness Card Scans + SpoilersShining Darkness, the third Diamond and Pearl set, will be released in Japan this Thursday, and we already have 102 of the card images (there are still many more cards, but we don’t have them all yet)! You can view all of the scans we have on our [Shining Darkness scans page] (make sure to read the instructions on the top of the page).

Bangiras has also translated most of the cards, which you can view by [clicking here] (in Microsoft Word format). My beloved Base Set Blastoise is back, but with a twist… Many other cards are back as well, reprinted under different names, different attacks, etc. Darkrai Lv.X and Mothim are also awesome. To discuss this set and both its spoilers and scans, feel free to post in this forum thread.

What is the next Japanese set? Well, if the placement of Team Rocket and EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua is any sort of indicator of the future, it may be Team Galactic related.