EDIT: Added new “Shining Darkness” images (from a video on the official Japanese TCG site) and one partial translation of Darkrai Lv.X below. We have also confirmed that Growlithe, Arcanine, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Lickitung, Lickilicky, Shellos, Gastrodon (both the pink and blue forms of both), Burmy, Wormadam, Mothim, Gallade, Phanpy, and Donphan will be in the set.

Quick, short, and almost negligible update! Hoozah! PMJ’s [Diamond and Pearl walkthrough] seems to be quite popular with visitors of this site, so if you have not checked it out (especially the PokeRadar section about catching shiny Pokemon at a more common rate), you are missing out!

Shining Darkness Tid-BitsShining Darkness will be released in Japan this Thursday, and we will have scans before then or by then. For now, Vincent has translated a Lugia card from the set. He has also discovered that the set will contain Ho-Oh, Xatu, Banette, Clefairy, and Absol (for any other cards that you want to find out are in the set, translations, or images, skim our news stories).

Lugia Lv43, [C] HP 90

[C] Silver Wing 20
Flip a coin. If heads, return an energy card attached to the Defending Pokemon back to your opponent’s hand.
[PCC] 100
If there are any Energy cards attached to the Defending Pokemon, this attack does 40 damage instead.

Weakness [P] +20
Resistance [F] -20
Retreat: [C][C]

Darkrai Lv.X HP 100

Poke-Body: Dark Shadow – For each basic Darkness energy attached to your Darkness-type Pokemon, attacks do 10 more damage to the Defending Pokemon.

[D][C][C] Eternal Darkness – 40 damage (the attack is too blurry to make out).

Shining DarknessShining DarknessShining DarknessShining Darkness

Sometime soon I will be posting a review for Pokemon Battle Revolution, and I think it is going to have some glaring negative opinions about the game in it.