Last SD Scans, Redshark 1.71

Sorry for not updating recently (actually, I am not, since there has been no news, but whatever). I have been getting ready for college and am currently working on my Diamond and Pearl team (which, ironically, uses no Diamond and Pearl Pokemon). Since many people have been e-mailing me / IMing me lately for a battle, I’ll say this now: I will only accept battles in the PokeBeach Wi-Fi League, as the water Gym Leader. My team is not ready yet, though, so you can challenge me later!

Last Shining Darkness Scans and Spoilers – We have finished off all of our Shining Darkness scans (except for the energy, but everyone knows what those look like). You can view the scan page for the third Diamond and Pearl set by [clicking here]. The recent scan additions are on the top of the page.

Bangiras has also spent several hours finishing the Shining Darkness [text spoiler translations], which are in Microsoft Word format (please take notice of the note at the top of the document if you post any of the spoilers on other websites or forums). If the translations do not look updated to you, clear your cache. Thank you, Bangiras, for all of your hard work!

Minor Redshark UpdateRedshark has been updated to fix a bug concerning fossil trainer cards. You can download version 1.71 of the program by [clicking here]. Currently, there is also a bug that does not allow the program to load at all for certain people, but the cause of the problem has been identified and is being worked on.