Smile School, PBR Gamestop

Just got back from the Harry Potter midnight show. It was AWESOME! Professor Umbridge reminds me of my evil 3rd grade teacher who was fired, and subsequently arrested, for doing things that were not atypical to Umbridge’s mentality of punishment. Unlike the movie, however, myself and other students used to SPEAK UP when the teacher was doing not-so-legal things as punishment (like pulling out her wooden spoon and smacking students with it). During the entire movie, I kept saying, “Why does NO ONE say anything, or at least kick her?” Hagrid, or Hagrid’s half-brother, could have at least stepped on her. Yeah, I’m random, but the movie was just so awesome – it was the funniest one, too.

Pokemon “Smile School” – And as long as you are not a student under Professor Umbridge’s reign at Hogwarts, you may take enjoyment in a rumored game just announced called Pokemon “Smile School.” Unfortunately, the only information known about the game at this time is its name, so you probably will not take enjoyment in it until you know what the game actually is. Perhaps the E3 convention, which is taking place over the next few days, will reveal more information related to the game, such as, for starters, what platform it will be on (Wii? DS? Computer?). Hopefully, we will have more information on the game soon! It’s not confirmed as real just yet (and that may turn out to be a good thing).

Gamestop PBR TournamentsGamestop will be holding Pokemon Battle Revolution tournaments at various locations on July 21st only. Unfortunately, the page on Gamestop’s website that announces the tournaments gives no details to the rules, such as if legendaries are banned (like in Pokemon Battle Revolution’s random Wi-Fi mode), what level the Pokemon should be at, etc. They will probably release the information soon, though. To find out if your Gamestop is holding the tournament, click here. The prizes for winning include t-shirts, a copy of Pokemon Battle Revolution (which is, of course, a great prize if you like revamped games from ten years ago), and Diamond and Pearl bookmarks (for all of those Defense Against the Dark Arts books). I cannot tell a lie… this tournament seems like a great way to show off your Diamond and Pearl teams, and I even want to participate in one! Let’s just hope cheaters don’t ruin the tournaments by bringing in Action Replayed Pokemon, when other people have worked hard to raise their Pokemon…