Chat, Oracion, R/B Mew

There hasn’t been much TCG news lately…

PokeBeach Chat Room Quiz – Tonight, starting between 10:00 and 10:30 PM, PST (California time), we will be having a Pokemon quiz in the PokeBeach chat room (, with questions covering the games, Anime, and TCG. You won’t win anything for participating, since this is such short notice, but if you are bored tonight, feel free to join in and show off your Pokemon knowledge! EDIT: Quiz is over, congrats to H_H for winning, and DukeFireBird for coming in second place! We will do more quizzes in the future!

Space-Time TowerOración’s Theme – In Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, the 10th Pokemon movie, Oración is the song the Space-Time Tower plays to calm Dialga and Palkia, and is the same song the main movie character, Alice, plays to calm Pokemon (think of Melody, but except instead of a flute, Alice uses a leaf). The Together 2007 CD, just released in Japan, has Oración’s theme song on it, and since many people have been anxious to hear the song in full since it was first played in the first trailer for the 10th movie, it is available for you to download below!

Oración’s Theme – 6.00 Mbs

MewAnother Red and Blue Mew Glitch! – This is a little old, but since I never saw it, some people probably missed it, too! Our forum moderator, DocRobot, showed me to this very interesting video on YouTube of a Mew glitch in Red and Blue (and no, it is not the first Mew glitch discovered a while ago where you can catch Mew in Lavender Town). The glitch allows you to capture a Mew extremely early in the game (before battling Misty), choose what level you want to capture it at by battling a trainer beforehand, and then immediately raising it to level 100 after capturing it! With your new level 100 Mew, you can easily take down Misty, and any other Gym Leader after her, for that matter (thus, taking all the fun out of the game, if you choose to use it, but at least you get a Mew). The glitch can be modified to capture any Pokemon at any level, with the Pokemon knowing all of the moves it would know at the level you capture it at (in the video, the Mew is captured at level 1, and only initially knows Pound). If only we knew about the glitch 8 years ago – then, everyone could have had a Mew…