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Cresselia, featured in DP4Fourth Diamond and Pearl Set (DP4) – Thanks to Vincent, we have news on the fourth Diamond and Pearl set (it’s not a Team Galactic set – they broke tradition!). Like with the first Diamond and Pearl set, DP4 will be split into two sub-sets, each represented by one booster pack design. One of the sub-sets will be named Night Dashing, and the second will be Moon Hunting (obviously a reference to Cresselia in the Diamond and Pearl games, who runs when you encounter it, and then you have to “hunt” it down). To completely collect all of the cards in Diamond and Pearl 4, you will need to purchase both booster packs. When DP4 comes to America, the set will obviously have one name, and all of the cards from both Japanese sub-sets will be in all of the booster packs (as with all previous sets).

Both of the boosters will come with several exclusive Pokemon that are not in the counterpart booster pack, sharing many cards together as well. So far, we know that Darkrai, Tangrowth, Rotom, Porygon-Z, Mewtwo, Latios, and Scizor will only appear in Moon Hunting, while Leafeon, Glaceon, Togekiss, Moltres, Articuno, and Latias will appear in only Night Dashing. Phione and Cresselia will be in either packs (Zapdos may be in this set as well, but this is not confirmed, yet).

The Lv.X’s of this set include Cresselia, Leafeon, and Glaceon. Rare Candy is set to make yet another appearance, and many strong tool cards, as well a new type of special energy, will appear in this set.

DP4 will contain over 140 cards (yikes!), and will be released in Japan on October 26th. The Japanese theme decks will feature Electivire and Magmortar.

Based on how sets in America have been released in the past, DP4 may be our October / November set (DP3 for America), thus meaning an almost simultaneous release with Japan (this is just theory based on the past, though, and may not be right). EX Deoxys and EX Legend Maker, which were sets themed after Destiny Deoxys and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, were released in America out-of-order at a later time so that they would be for sale around the same time as the movie they were themed after. If my explanation above is confusing, based on the past, this could be how the next DP sets are released in America: Mysterious Treasures (DP2) in August, Night Dashing / Moon Hunting (DP4) in November, Shining Darkness (DP3) in February or March (to coincide with Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai’s probable American release). Thus, Shining Darkness may be switched with this new DP4 set for its American release in October / November.

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