MT Dates, PBR Report

What a weekend…

Mysterious Treasures Pre-Release DatesMysterious Treasures (DP 2) will be having three pre-release weekends this August, on August 11th – 12th, August 18th – 19th, and August 25th – 26th. Although not all pre-release locations are posted yet, you can find out if there is already one planned for your area by clicking here. For spoilers of the set, you can [click here].

A Wonderful Gamestop PBR Report – I originally wrote my Gamestop Pokemon Battle Revolution report on Saturday, but Microsoft Word decided it hated life and crashed without recovering my document. Perhaps it was mad, too. In anger, I decided to rewrite the entire report today: WPM’s Wonderful, Morally-Enlightening, Time at Gamestop this Past Saturday. I would like to thank Gamestop for its employees, and Nintendo for allowing Gamestop to hold a fantastically organized event! Long story, short: The winner was a cheater, and the employees, while having knowledge of the games and knowing full-well that the guy cheated, decided not to care. So much for the sentence I posted in my first Gamestop PBR tournament news story: “Let’s just hope cheaters don’t ruin the tournaments by bringing in Action Replayed Pokemon, when other people have worked hard to raise their Pokemon…”