Modified Format, EX PK Japan

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2007-2008 Modified Format Announced – The new and official Pokemon TCG Website has posted next year’s modified format — only cards from EX Holon Phantoms and on will be permitted in official tournaments (EX HP on). The news post from the website is reproduced below for your viewing pleasure:

The following Pokémon TCG sets will be removed from the Modified format for the 2007-2008 tournament season:
EX Deoxys
EX Emerald
EX Unseen Forces
EX Delta Species
EX Legend Maker
EX Trainer Kit 2
POP Series 2 Promo Cards
POP Series 3 Promo Cards
All Black Star Promo Cards numbered 036 and lower

Japan Getting EX Power Keepers – Pokemon Card Laboratory (PCL) told several players at tournaments this past weekend that Japan will be getting EX Power Keepers before the third Diamond and Pearl set, Shining Darkness, is released in July. How the cards are released and to what extent they will be released is unknown at this time. Suffice it to say, Japan will have EX Power Keepers in time for Worlds – however, it is unknown if the set will be released on a wide-scale, like with a regular set, or perhaps given only to players going to Worlds, then released in stores at a later time. It is a complete mystery at this time as to how the cards will be released, but we should have more info soon, so be sure to check back! Thanks to Nanimonoka for the news.

Redshark TCG Program – If you have not been here the past few days, PokeBeach now has its very own Pokemon TCG program for you to practice the TCG on your computer. It is called Redshark, and you can learn more about it and download it from our Redshark page. If you have already tried the program, we would appreciate you posting your feedback in this forum thread. Thank you!