Summer Almost Here

EDIT: Added news on Japanese EX Power Keepers!

Sorry about the lack of news here, but there has been none (really, I looked everywhere, and there is nothing special). It is a slow news month. Lately, I have been working on the new layout and a new system for managing the website (instead of having to do everything manually), so those are eating up my time. I just have Monday and Tuesday as my last two days of high school, Wednesday I will go back to finish up a few last minute items, and Thursday is graduation, plus Grad Night at Disneyland. Then, summer vacation beings – something I have been waiting for since I chose to become involved with the time and life-consuming IB program at my school!

Anyways, once I finish the layout, I will integrate the new content management system into the website, which means I will probably need to shut down PokeBeach for a day. Once the system is up, I can update everything I have not updated in the past few months (scans, Card-Dex, set lists, theme deck lists, etc.). There’s really no point in updating anything when you are going to rip all of the content apart in a while and rebuild it all, so that is mainly why I have not been updating the site lately and have been holding off on many things (it’s like adding or remodeling rooms in a hotel that you are about to demolish). Rest assured, when I have the new layout and new system up, the site will be back to normal again, with regular updates and news, plus a few more surprises in the summer, and a master (and almost EVIL) plan to make this website even better!

In the meantime, if you are bored or have nothing to do in the unlimited time some of you have in the summer, feel free to visit our chat room or post on our forums. Oh, actually, I take that back. GO OUT AND PLAY! Or do something else, but outside. Sitting on the computer all summer es muy malo (except for me, since I get to be a hypocrite in this aspect of advice because of this website, but not too much). So yeah.

EX Power Keepers in Japan – And just as I say there is no news, news pops up. As we reported a week ago, Japan would be getting EX Power Keepers before the release of the 3rd Diamond and Pearl set, Shining Darkness. Now, the official Japanese TCG website has updated with complete info on how they are going to handle the release of this set. The “set” name for this Japanese equivalent of EX Power Keepers will be “World Championship Pack,” with each booster pack coming with 15 cards, and always containing one holo. The price of each pack is 500 yen. This is an event-limited product, and you can only buy it through the official Japanese TCG website starting June 15th, from which ordering will stop on July 1st (meaning that this set’s boosters can only be purchased for 15 days ). The packs will arrive in the mail starting July 5th. Now, here’s the kicker. Apparently, you can only purchase this set if you live in Japan, probably because a limited amount of the set was printed out, and everyone else has or will get EX Power Keepers eventually. This would make sense, too, since Japan probably only is offering this promotion so that its own players receive the cards America already has (which rarely ever happens) to play at Worlds this year. Thus, this promotion and these booster packs are intended for Japanese players only, but at least now we know that our foreign friends will have the same cards we have in time for Worlds. Thanks to Vincent for the translation of this information!