Pokemon Opal

So even though I have tests, a partially broken website, and a headache, I decided twenty minutes ago that I was bored. In doing so, I made a phenomenal discovery.

  1. Giratina
  2. After establishing that I was going to be receiving Diamond and Pearl TCG scans later this week, I decided to go work on [my new, updated layout] (still a work-in-progress) for a minute or two.
  3. When I added in a new section to the top-link bar on the new layout, “Wi-Fi League,” I decided it was time to show the layout to my forum members, who could comment on it. So, I posted this thread on our forums, asking for opinions on it.
  4. I then decided to go on AIM and ask a classmate about our AP Gov test tomorrow, so I was distracted for a few moments from Pokemon.
  5. When refreshing my forums, there was a new post in the thread I had just posted, so I visited the thread, read the post, and went back to working on the layout.
  6. In working on the layout, I became bored again, so while randomly scrolling down on the page, I clicked “[Old News Archives]” in the left menu and began reading old news I posted years ago.
  7. Okay, I’m bored again, especially with having to read all of that light blue background behind black text that was burning my eyes.
  8. Hey, let’s go to the newer old news archives, which are the numbers down on the bottom of the main page! In doing this, I came across the April Fools joke I made two years ago about the Pokemon named “Chance.” I thought of how funny it was and how some people believed it.
  9. Again, I became bored. So then, I just rolled back in my chair and started thinking about my tests. Then my mind drifted to the Pokemon, Giratina, and how I thought it was scary, since I associate it with testing time (don’t ask why).
  10. Hey! People made April Fools jokes this year, too. One was about a “Pokemon Opal,” which featured Giratina.
  11. After thinking about this, I randomly and suddenly typed “PokemonOpal.com” into Firefox.

Say what?!?! PokemonOpal.com actually exists?!?! And what’s more – it actually redirects to Nintendo.com, the distributors of the Pokemon games?

Wow, could this actually be reserved by Nintendo because a fourth generation game, Pokemon Opal, is coming out in the future, and they don’t want anyone taking the domain name? Just to be sure, let’s check out who “PokemonOpal.com” is registered to.

Nintendo of America Inc.
4820 150th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052


So there you have it, folks. Could this be the next Pokemon game, since there is already a website reserved for it? Only time will tell – this does not mean it is “for sure,” so don’t take it as fact just yet, or as proof that Pokemon Opal is the next game. Nintendo could just be reserving anything Pokemon-related, although this is very coincidental and suspicious.

EDIT: In doing further research, it appears that PokemonTopaz.com and PokemonAmythest.com are also registered. These two names, along with Opal, were registered in October of 2002, meaning that Opal being the next game holds much less merit due to the year it was registered. This might just mean that these COULD be future Pokemon game NAMES that Nintendo wanted to reserve in case they ever used them. A while back, when FireRed and LeafGreen were released, Pokemon “Water Blue,” or something similar to that name was discovered registered in a Japanese trademark database, but that game or name never came to be. Still, even though this seems now to be disproved, it’s interesting that Nintendo would go out of their way to reserve those website domains.