Yay! The problem should be totally fixed within the next 24 hours.

Dreamhost: I completely understand your frustration and am sorry that we were not able to get this problem resolved sooner. I have transferred you to the server ‘(BLA)’ and you will receive an email shortly with information regarding the move.

This message is just a quick note to inform you that your account has been moved from (BLA) to (BLA). If you did not request this move, do not fret. It is just part of our efforts to spread load and make your hosting experience more pleasant. Keep in mind that if you have been accessing your account by going to (BLA) (which has never been the correct method) that this will stop working. You should always access your account by logging into your domain instead. This should not affect any of your services, but should you notice any problems, please contact support at (BLA HA HA).

Okay, now back to studying for AP Gov and IB Math tomorrow. I am going to bomb IB Math. :D