Podcast tonight!

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea – I will update this news story as people report to me! This is absolutely amazing. The movie is airing on the east coast right now on Cartoon Network, and it is in wide screen. Not only that, but the movie keeps its Japanese company logo (the Toho logo) in the beginning, something never done before by 4Kids. The music in the movie has also been kept intact, which has been the case since Pokemon 4Ever. As of this posting, the dub is almost an exact translation of the Japanese version as well. I will add more to this later if there is anything else to say. Thanks to homeofmew for the above information, which she is feeding to me over AIM as she watches it! Remember, we will have our podcast tonight around 9:30ish PST, and we will be discussing this movie, so if you want to be a call-in guest, read the news stories below for details!