D/P Tin Scans, Manaphy Music, Podcast Tomorrow Ep 1

Sorry for not updating yesterday! My eye was bugging me all day, and my teachers told me to go home because they thought I had pink eye (my left eye was bloody red). It was hard to use the computer because the light coming from the LCD was irritating my eye, so I had to basically sit in darkness the entire day. I went to the eye doctor today, and it turned out that I instead had inflammation of the eye, so they gave me medicine drops. Now I can update again without there feeling like there is an invisible person sticking a knife in my eye! :D

Diamond and Pearl Tin Card Scans – Thanks to Kes, we now have scans of the three starters cards you receive when purchasing the $12.99 D/P tins available in stores right now (such as at Target). Comparing the scans to the D/P card images posted the other day, the format appears to be the same (even the awkward font and positioning of the Pokemon names). Click each scan below for larger images. Note that the cards are not actually promos, but holographic “pre-reprints” of the starter cards that will come in the actual Diamond and Pearl set next month.

Turtwig Pokemon TCG Diamond PearlChimchar Pokemon TCG Diamond PearlPiplup Pokemon TCG Diamond Pearl

ManaphyManaphy Music – To make up for yesterday, and as a little bonus, I have posted three songs from Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea below for all of you to download today. Since I cannot translate the names of the songs (I no read Japanese), I will simply describe when they play in the movie. The first song plays when Ash and crew are traveling on a boat to Akusha, the place Manaphy must return to (the name of the place may change in the English version tomorrow). The second song plays when the evil pirate, Phantom, finds his way into the main room of Akusha and decides to take more than he needs of certain items that you will see tomorrow. The third song plays at the end of the movie when May and Manaphy leave each other. Right click each song and save them to your computer to enjoy! Remember, the movie airs tomorrow at 7:00 PM on Cartoon Network, so be sure to watch it, even if you do not like the Anime or have not watched it in a long time (it is a good way of supporting Pokemon in general)!

[Song #1] – 8 MBs
[Song #2] – 4.73 MBs
[Song #3] – 4.46 MBs
(Right click, save the link, and open it in a program that plays MP3s, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes.)

Podcast Recording Tomorrow – As it has been said all week, PokeBeach will be recording episode 1 of the podcast tomorrow. If you want to be a call-in guest, you must be in the PokeBeach chatroom between 8:30 and 9:00 PM, PST (California time). Only those who show up and have everything set up first will get to talk on the podcast (it will be first come, first serve, and very few people will get to be a call-in guest this time). The topics of discussion tomorrow will be the Manaphy movie and the current metagame of the Pokemon TCG.