EDIT: Podcast is canceled now due to reasons beyond our control. We may try to do it again tomorrow.

Okayyyyyyy… The podcast took too long to record! We kept laughing, my brother came into the room, I couldn’t stop laughing, we thought we were saying boring things and kept starting over… all-in-all, we did 12 re-takes. Since it took too long, we decided we’ll just start over tomorrow around 6 PM, PST. If I have time, I’ll make a blooper reel, but I doubt I’ll have time this weekend. So, be in the chat room tomorrow around 5:30 if you want to be in the podcast. At the most, recording will take an hour, but at least you know we will not pump out a boring podcast that will make you fall asleep! Wait until you hear the reel… I almost wet my pants laughing so hard.