April Fools Secret Message

This is just an “I’m alive” message. The amount of schoolwork I have received this week has been monumental – every week I find myself saying, “This has been the hardest week ever!” only to find myself saying the same exact phrase the following week. Unfortunately, it will not become any easier, with AP/IB testing coming up soon (and I know some of you have to take your AP tests as well, so you better study during Easter/Spring Break!). Right now, I am waiting to see if I was admitted to my first college choice, and it is extremely nerve racking. There are only two more days until they stop sending out acceptance letters, and they have been doing it for a whole month, so this is not so much of a “good” sign. We’ll just have to see… If I am admitted to that college, it will only mean great things for me and this website, but if not, then I guess, “Life will go on.”

With April 1st coming up, please do not be fooled by websites playing tricks on you. People will surely try to present something fake with Pokemon in general. Most importantly, do not become fooled by new Pokemon! We all know that D/P is out now, so there surely cannot be any new Pokemon coming out anytime soon. If there is a new Pokemon to be revealed anytime soon, it will probably be in two to three years. Let’s not go posting on forums and websites “Oh my gosh, a new Pokemon was revealed today in ____,” because it will not be true, guaranteed, 100%, cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Lies will most likely be the only aspect of anything “suspicious” you find on April 1st, and I am sure many webmasters will have to sort it all out once it is over (not that I am guilty of making any April Fools jokes once or twice in the past, but seriously, it’s old now). For now, PokeBeach will focus on the site plans I posted the other day. Our main objective is to finish the scans and the Modified Card-Dex between this weekend and the beginning of next week. Once those are done, we will move on to other items on the agenda. Let’s hope that I can actually finish most of the site projects I promised this time! Unless I am bombarded with a project every night for the remaining two weeks, I should be able to get a few things done around here!