Site Plans

Another quick update (well, not really)!

Site Plans – Over the past two or three weeks, myself and my mods (of the forum) have been talking about how we are going to improve PokeBeach between now and the end of the summer (we have been tossing around ideas back and forth). Our first step in the plan is to fix what I have broken (and no, I don’t mean laptops). Our Strategist program has died because I have not posted any articles that the Strategists have painstakingly written, and there must be at least a dozen articles by now in line. The simple truth is I have not posted them because I do not have the time to HTMLize them and edit them anymore. So, what could we do to fix this? Simple! If you feel you have HTML capabilities, and are at least proficient with spelling and grammar (hopefully you are AWESOME at it!), we want you to help us out! Right now, we are looking for a person to permanently hold the position of “Head Strategist” at PokeBeach, which means that the person will not only HTMLize articles they receive (which is boring), but you will be in charge of the entire Strategist program (which is fun because you get to slash your whip at everyone and do stuff). So, if you feel you know your HTML, spelling, grammar, and can handle a huge program and everyone in it, send an e-mail to [email protected], with the subject line “Head Strategist,” and explain what you can do and anything else you want to brag about. Note that you also must have many RECENT (as in, the past 2 years) accomplishments in the Pokemon TCG, and we don’t mean winning pre-releases. :p

Another thing we want to do is finish off the scans here. As you all know, we have probably 95% of all Pokemon TCG scans in existence, but we still are missing a few, especially with promos (although we do have a lot of those – they are just not up yet). Shakespeare, our master card scanner, has posted here what we need to be scanned, so if you want to help out, just follow his instructions and you will be credited if your scans are used (remember, they have to be EXCELLENT quality, which means don’t use that $50 scanner you have if you are going to take the time to scan some of these :p). If you are to scan anything, make sure you post in the thread above so that multiple people are not scanning the same thing.

With us looking at what we are going to improve, I have enlisted the help of Meowth346 to actually re-code our entire Card-dex. I spent several hours on Sunday with him, basically describing to him what it should do, and he has already produced a beta version for me. It’s not finished yet, but it will be by the end of this week, so look forward to a much better Modified Card-dex (hopefully by Saturday)! Other features for PokeBeach will be coming soon as well!

Also, if you feel the need to comment on any of the above, or even to make a PokeBeach suggestion, feel free to drop by this thread!