Day before

Togepi by Ken SugimoriThe suspense is building… One more day until the university I want to go tells me if I have been accepted or rejected. How appropriate is it that I will find out on the LAST day possible (probably the last hour, too)? I always seem to have such bad luck with everything. :p Even though there is nothing I can do now to change the past, I am still doing every good-luck ritual I can think of, even though there is no doubt it means anything.

Listen up, kids! You better do well in high school and you better not slack off! Even though it is four years long, those four years could determine whether you will go to a college that makes your life easy or easier. This website officially opened the summer before my freshman year, and now I am a senior waiting to receive his acceptance or rejection to his number one college choice. If I tried just minutely harder on a couple of items in high school, I probably would have easily been admitted to the places I wanted to go, but I threw some opportunities out the window and ruined my grades a few times during a few semesters (Math, Spanish – grrr). If you do not ever want to go through the stress I am going through right now, work hard in high school, and set into motion habits that will improve your education (studying, doing homework at certain times of the day, completing homework a day ahead, etc.). Also, have fun while doing it – my fun is / was Pokemon throughout high school, and it was a retreat from the chaos of school. I sacrificed any possible social life for this website and school, but whatever – I enjoyed doing it, and it helped me to survive high school (actually, I choose not to have a large social life because most people I know lack morals, and I only like to have a couple of “good” friends rather than 3,000 – saves a lot of drama :p). If tomorrow I get in to where I want to go, I will be overjoyed, but if not, I will live. If you want to go to a certain college, do not procrastinate, slack off, or ever not try your hardest (I know this is a little cliché, but it is the truth). Do your best, and always remember that you will make it through all of it eventually, even if you fail at certain points (unless a comet smashes into Earth and everyone dies).

I am off to bed! My future arrives in my inbox tomorrow! :D I will hopefully have an update for POKEMON (and not me :D) tomorrow or Sunday. This website is starting to feel like a blog… We’ll see how things turn out…