Mystery Lakes

There were three Pokemon. Holding their breath, they dove deep, deep into the lakes, even though it was difficult, they dove deep, deep in. Fetch something important from the bottom of the lake. It is said that it is the power to create land. So the legend says…

Mystery of the LakesNext Japanese Set Info: Part 2 – A few weeks ago, we posted new information on the next Japanese set, featuring the Sinnoh trio of Yuxie, Agnome, and Emurit, and now we have new and exclusive information on the set! The set will be named The Mystery of the Lakes, and will feature over 120 cards! The theme decks for the set will be named Attack! Rampard and Defense! Trideps, obviously featuring the two fossil Pokemon. Three Pokemon in the set will also come with built-in Pokemon Tools, and will literally be called “Pokemon with Tools.” The tools built in to the Pokemon will activate when certain conditions are met. Three Level X Pokemon will also debut in the set, although we do not know which at this time (guess: Sinnoh trio). That’s all we know for now! I will make a page on everything we have learned eventually!

Mew Holo POP 4 PromoMew Holo POP 4 – Once EX Power Keepers is released, an EX Power Keepers blister pack will be released containing three booster packs and a holo POP 4 Mew card. The blister pack (click thumbnail for a larger image) will contain two EX Power Keepers booster packs and one EX Dragon Frontiers pack, and will retail for around twelve dollars. Expect it to come out from mid to late February!

Strategist Positions Open – We are looking for more PokeBeach Strategists for our new and reformed program! A Strategist is a person who writes card reviews (and possibly deck reviews in the future) to be posted on the site every week, and should be an extremely knowledgeable person who is aware of the current TCG trends, strategies, and decks. To apply, make up your own application describing your qualifications to become a Strategist, and post it in this thread on our forums. You may include anything that you think may be necessary to demonstrate that you are fit to become one (examples: tournaments won, player ranking, past experience with the TCG, Pokemon community activities, etc). Correct spelling and grammar skills are a must to become a Strategist. Only a few positions are open, so put forth your best effort in creating and submitting your application if you want to become one!