I can’t sleep at 1:15 AM, so I’ll update! Plus, my laptop is overheating, so it’s keeping me warm while I lay on my bed in a 50-60 degree bedroom watching Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea for the seventeenth time (literally). :) Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that the right menu has been completely updated with new events and dates, and now includes links to specific TCG events, including information, locations, and even a link to the deck list form for City Championships. I will continue to add links to specific events in the future once POP releases pages for them.

Base Set 2 Scans Up! – Thanks to Shakespeare, as usual, we now have all of [Base Set 2]’s scans up! This only leaves Legendary Collection scans for PokeBeach, plus promo cards, and the few scans we are missing from some of the modified sets! Once those are all added to the site, we will be done with ALL American card scans! Wonder where we will go next…

Darkness Metal Special EnergyJapan TCG News – In mid-spring, Japan’s modified format will change to (our equivalent of) “EX FireRed and LeafGreen-on.” This has been a huge and unexpected tidbit of news for many Japanese players, as their format has been (our equivalent of) “EX Ruby and Sapphire-on” for several years. With this change, many of the deck archetypes that have been present since 2003 in Japan will be lost, and new Diamond and Pearl sets will begin to take over (such as the popular Dosidon decks many Japanese players are now using). Funny how our format shifts every single year, yet the Japanese rarely have a format change ($$$…). Also, since Darkness and Metal energy now come as basic energy, the special energy versions of them (which would be the Darkness and Metal energy of the past) have been re-designed for the Japanese, which can be seen to the right. They will be available as promo cards at Japanese tournaments, and will most likely make their way to America when they are reprinted.

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaTemple of the Sea Logo – While checking to see if revealed the code to receive Manaphy’s egg in Pokemon Ranger, I noticed that they added a new advertisement to torment us with the future release of Ranger’s code. The advertisement contains the logo for the next Pokemon movie (the 9th), Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

Who is the mysterious Pokemon taking over
Hatched from an egg, capable of new moves, star of a movie…
Find out soon.

They already told us it was named “Manaphy,” but I suppose they forgot. The movie’s logo can be seen above. Remember, the movie will come out on DVD April 3rd, so look forward to its release!

Vote for Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! – The first annual American Anime Awards, which will take place at the New York Comic-con on February 24th, will celebrate anime in North America by allowing fans to vote for their favorite voice actors, anime shows and movies, and music. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew has been nominated as “Best Anime Feature” in the voting, and for it to win the category, Pokemon fans (even if you only enjoy the TCG) should vote for it to show their support for Pokemon! To vote, go to the American Anime Awards website, answer the questions for the different categories, and for question #9, choose Lucario and the Mystery of Mew!