EDIT: Whoops, typo. Heart Swap, not Heart Swamp. I was trying to get a good screenshot of Swampert shooting out an Ice Beam at the beginning of the Manaphy movie, so Swampert was on my mind when typing the news story. :p That has to be a first.

Now that this project is done, I will go back to the old updating schedule. More updates either tonight or tomorrow (more likely the latter)!

New Fake Card Section Added – It’s taken me over a week, much headache, lost Christmas vacation time, and the destruction of a galaxy, but the [Fake Card Blanks] section is now up! We received permission from both Fangking Omega and Nick15 to use their blanks, and now we are happy to have all of the them in one convenient section for everyone’s use! Thanks also go to Cascade_Gon_Pory for recreating a few blanks that were lost in time, and both DocRobot and HolyStar for helping me with organizing at times when I needed help! Within the next few days, I will add the Trainer blanks and fake card resources, but for now, all of the Pokemon blanks are up, so enjoy!

English D/P InfoPokemon.com has revealed the name of the Sinnoh professor, Professor Rowan (originally Professor Nanakamado), and the starter town, Twinleaf Town (originally Futaba Town). Manaphy’s ability has also been officially named Hydration (Moist Body), which allows it to heal itself in the rain, and its unique move, Heart Swap, remains the same as the Japanese name. There is still no word on the secret password to receive the Manaphy egg in Pokemon Ranger, but it should be revealed soon!

WordWeb Dictionary Software – rowan (noun): Eurasian tree with orange-red berrylike fruits