EDIT: And of course the video does not want to work correctly this week either – it only loads half of the episode. I doubt I will have time to fix the problem until tomorrow, so for now, enjoy the battle with Nurse Joy! XD

Ahhhh! Finals this week! The teachers have given us too many projects and tests to take Monday, which are not even related to finals, so I do not see how anyone in our senior class will have the opportunity to study for them. :p

Japanese Promo CardsNew Japanese Promo Cards – At the World Hobby Festival in Japan, which runs from January to February, reprints of several [PCG: Diamond and Pearl] cards in promo form will be available with the exchange of one of your own Pokemon cards. The cards simply have different artwork, and of course, are promos instead of coming from a set. They will also be available at official TCG tournaments in Japan through the same method. Whether or not they will be released in America when Diamond and Pearl make their way over here is unknown at this point. Click the image on the right for a larger picture. [speculation] The reprint choices are quite interesting… all of the Pokemon on the right, spare Pachirisu, are owned by a character on the television show, and the TCG has before released cards that soon becomes a character’s Pokemon. Could Pachirisu become a companion to one of the characters soon? We shall see… [/end speculation]

“Overjoyed!” – Ash faces off against Nurse Joy with her Chansey, and Brandon with his Registeel, all in one episode! If you missed the episode when it aired on Cartoon Network, you can watch it below by clicking the play button (if the video starts to play and then stops, click the button a couple of times). It will be removed within the next few days, so watch it as soon as you have time!

[Videos No Longer Available]