DP Boxart

If you miss “Overjoyed” on Cartoon Network tomorrow, featuring Nurse Joy and Registeel, we will have it here temporarily for you to watch.

ManaphyManaphy Code Revealed! – The Manaphy code is P8M2 9D6F 43H7! To find out how to obtain Manaphy’s egg in Pokemon Ranger, follow the steps below, or go to Pokemon.com and read the first news story.

1. Access Ranger Net after finishing the game. When you see “Ranger Net” on your main menu, click on it.
2. Your screen will show “Play a special mission.” On your Nintendo DS, press the top right trigger, the X button, and left on your directional pad simultaneously.
3. You should see a screen that says “Enter the password” has been added.
4. Tap the touch screen, and wait as the game saves.
5. After the game saves, tap the screen again, and a new menu will come up that says “Enter the password.”
6. When you click on the password screen, enter P8M2 9D6F 43H7.

Diamond and Pearl English Box Art – Earlier this afternoon, Nintendo.com displayed the English box art for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but it was later removed. Luckily, the images remained on their servers, and can be seen below. They are not much different from their Japanese counterparts, albeit the yellow and blue English Pokemon logo.

Pokemon Diamond EnglishPokemon Pearl English

Pokemon Diamond JapanesePokemon Pearl Japanese